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Translation of Stephen Hawking's Book A Briefer History of Time by Abdullah Adil Mahmud, editor of Bishwo.com. Learn More...

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Our process on creating awesome projects.
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    Meet The Team

    Our process on creating awesome projects.
    Abdullah Al Mahmud
    Founder and Senior Contributor

    Pen named Abdullah Adil Mahmud, he translated A Briefer Histry of Time by Stephen Hawking. His current interest is on data science.

    Md Moinul Islam

    Usually writes on astronomical topics. He is known among friend circles for ever devising new ideas.

    Achmed Abdiel

    With a master's degree from the department of Biomedical Physics, Univeristy of Dhaka , he focuses on neruoscience, among others.

    Nasrullah Masud

    An EEE undergraduate student at RUET and a prolific science writer, writing for a number of science magazines, his interset is on cosmology.

    Mokarom Hossain

    A prolific science writer, He is now pursuing his undergraduate degree at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Nayeem Islam

    Having Just finished the HSC Exam, he is soon to enter university life.

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